Conan, the Boy in Future Apr 04, 1978


After the great disaster of 2008, a war that destroyed the planet, the world is now largely ocean with the continents having sunk. Conan lives on a remote island with his grandpa and nature, never having seen another human being. But one day a mysterious girl, Lana, washes up on his beach. The two become quick friends, but she’s soon kidnapped and taken to Industria, a technological remainder from the world before. Conan leaves his island in pursuit, braving new lands and many hardships with new friends and enemies just beyond the horizon.

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Animation, Action & Adventure, Family, Kids, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Release Date:

Apr 04, 1978


26 Min

Cast & Crew of

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Conan (voice)

Luke (voice)

Narrator (voice)

Jimsy (voice)

Captain Dyce (voice)

Monsley (voice)

Dongoroth (voice)

Kuzo (voice)

Dr. Bliack Lao (voice)

Lepka (voice)